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UX & The Bottom Line: Charity Impact at eBay

Let's start with a surprising and very strong data point:

Personalization drives up to 20X more funds raised per impression vs. "non favorite charity" placements.

Clearly, users who have a favorite charity are far more valuable to the business than users who do not have a favorite charity. The challenge was then clear: try to launch as many different projects as necessary to push any and all potentially charitable users over the activation hump and get them to select at least one charity as a favorite on eBay.


How did we do? Keep reading...


Getting Users to Add A Favorite Charity

UX Challenge • Project Impacts on a UX Target

A quick recap and a visual for the impact of the new pages, experiences and integrations I worked on, including the following:

  • Widget Builder - Follow Us On eBay
  • Associated email campaign
    • See email to nonprofits at right:
  • eBay Mobile App RTM Placements - see this simulation
  • eGW site changes / new pages
  • Redesigned "Giving Bar" on product pages - See preview email at right

Prior to the launch of these projects, eBay Giving Works was generating an average of 48 favorites/day through 10/31.

After launching the projects I delivered in late 2013 and combining the launch with increased marketing for eBay Giving Works, the team began averaging 313/day – a 6.5x increase!

(orange line=US/blue=UK)

+ First week in Nov: 375/day avg.
+ Second week: 225/day avg.

The Big Picture

What This Success Means for eBay’s Core Metrics

By enhancing user engagement with a multi-project campaign to improve this seemingly simple metric, we have seen tremendous gains in the lifetime value of the eBay users. Adding this charitable element to the experience dramatically improved these users' performance across the board and opens the door to new projects involving charity. 

We look forward to seeing continued impacts on the company’s key metrics driven by people who want to do good on eBay.